Friday, April 07, 2006

let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

good morning everyone! as you might have read, my mother lost her temporary home lastnight. the camper she was staying in while she and my stepdad build their new house burned to the ground. Everyone was ok, since (luckily) she had decided to stay one more night at my sister's house. BUT, they lost everything in the camper, which luckily wasn't a whole lot, but still, imagine losing anything you own, even the replaceable things.

anyway, i'ld like to do something nice for her, so if you want to be involved let me know via e-mail and i'll give you some details:

and day 18 went awesome. woke up early, went to the gym and even roped another friend into starting this new habit with me! she plans to start after she gets back from her disney vacation next week...

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