Saturday, April 22, 2006

beauty and the beads

beauty and the beads, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

my latest hobby involves all things pretty.

so i was hoping today would be gorgeous and sunny and i could take tons of photos of all the beautiful trees and flowers that are blooming but alas, it's 'raw' here. you know it's bad when they use the word 'raw' to describe the current weather. so instead i went shopping. grocery and clothes...there's some great deals out there right now, too bad i can't go hog wild (big expensive shoes remember?).

anyway, i'm lounging around in the sweats, doing a little laundry and work, and drinking some white tea in my fabulous new mug. hava great weekend everyone.

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the mom said...

wow, my new hobby entails all that is pretty, too. Pretty dusty...joint compound, pretty itchy ...insulation, pretty heavy...sheetrock, just to name a few. I got two great boxes this week, one from an angel I don't know and another from an angel I gave birth to...I went shopping, too, for joint compound, drywall screws, electrical plugs, switches, plates, paint, and all good things constructive. Oh, and bread and milk. I love WalMart. I have to, we don't have any other department store here. teehee. Warm and fuzzy thanks to you and J. Hugs and kisses too. We love you.

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