Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Never ceasing

In light of the Boston bombings, I can't help but 'pray without ceasing'. It's something you hear over and over in the church circuit but it doesn't really compute into real life until something like Monday's attack. Or the Newtown shootings. Or my cousin's untimely passing. Or any other horrible event that tests humanity's or a family's strength and love. It weighs on my mind all day, day after day. I pray and pray and pray all day. It's all I can think to do. All sorts of thoughts and prayers. Mostly for those left behind mourning their loved ones. For future safety. For a better world. And now and then for the enemy. That is the hardest prayer. And one I admit I don't pray without ceasing. However, the most amazing thing, the most encouraging and hopeful signs, are the stories that come out of the aftermath. The stories of humanity and community and love and support. The stories that tell us that love overcomes evil and heartache. Every time and in every way. I try to think of that without ceasing.

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embee said...

all i could think about when i heard the news was that you and i and the kids all had been sitting together and had no idea something so horrible was about to happen. i mean, these things are never expected but what if something so random had been where we were? my heart breaks.

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