Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Craftilicious: Button necklaces

I originally found this button necklace tutorial. And here's the Pinterest link for all Pinners out there. My goal this year is to use up a lot of my current 'craft' supplies instead of having to rush to the store each time I want to make something. So I've been sifting through my 'pins' and choosing projects to help me do that. I have a whole room full of 'stuff' and not enough time to justify it all.

 This project seems perfect. It uses a lot of buttons I had lying around, and it makes something fun for the bebe to play with. For now I think I'll mostly be wearing them so she can play with them while I'm holding her in stores or waiting in lines. She also likes to play with my necklaces while she gets a diaper change. 

This is an easy in front of the tv project. I managed to make a couple in about 15-20 minutes. She recommends using glue to keep the string ends from fraying but I used an embroidery needle to make things incredinly easy and quick. I made a rainbow version so we could learn our colors, but I love how cheerful it is so it might become a staple for summer fun outfits.

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