Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Craftilicious: The ever-evolving key holder, or how to make life complicated

I'll be the first to admit when something just doesn't work. Well, the second since my husband is usually the first to point it out... Sometimes my crafty images of grandeur, just end up flops. And that's okay, because I like that my decor and design is always evolving. I get bored if something stays the same for too long. So after just a couple of months of living with this:

This is the hot mess I had envisioned as an organized entry station for all our important necessities to land. I wanted it to do too much, and I didn't like how the fabrics didn't match. The pocket side bugged the heck out of me and it just looks so, so, messy. Ick.

I decided it was time to upgrade to this:

I found the piece at Marshall's in the clearance section. It was badly beat up, corners all torn up and the white paint was marked and marred. Honestly, I probably should have asked to pay less than the 15$ I did. Anyway, after getting it home, I promptly removed the hooks, patched the corners and painted on a lovely shade of blue, the color I just can't seem to walk away from. A spray painted coat of glossy sealer for extra protection and we're good to go. I'm very happy with the end result and even received kudos from the husband. And he's not one to shy away from telling it like it is.  

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