Monday, April 29, 2013

Craftilicious: Washi tape magnet how-to

I decided it was high time I started using all this washi tape I've been so inclined to purchase. And I have a few more rolls coming thanks to a pickyourplum splurge a few days back.

After a few minutes on Pinterest I have plenty of inspiration to get started. Here's my quick tutorial for some washi tape magnets.

Supplies needed:
washi tape
exacto knife
white paper
magnetic sheets

Peel the backing from your magnetic sheet and adhere to your white paper. Trim off the excess.

Take your rolls of washi tape and start creating 'strips' of tape on your white paper sheet as closely together as possible without overlapping.

Take your ruler and start cutting apart the 'strips' until you have actual real magnetic strips of tape.

Start chopping up the strips into whatever length magnets you prefer. Finish the edges however you like. As you can see I decided to try all different edges with mine. Some are arrows, others are zig-zagged to look like ripped tape and some are just straight.

Now find something cool to put on your fridge and stand back to admire your work!

Here's the give-away deal: Comment below and tell me what TWO options you like best from these photos. I'll will pick and announce a winner tomorrow, Tuesday 4/30. So hurry hurry hurry and don't miss out! If you win, I will ship you both the options you chose in your comment. What what?! Awesome, right?


embee said...

i like the yellow (ok , love the yellow) and the cloud one. i just realized that i have magnet strip in a roll in my craft drawer. now i just need some more washi tape so i can try this!

Michelle S said...

Adorable! I love the buttons and the scissors, and I must find some of this tape!

The Beaber Family said...

I love the shape of the cloud arrows, and the yellow flowers with the triangles cut in. However, my favorite washi tape patterns would have to be the all the stripes. So I'm torn. Ha Ha, get it? You tear tape?! Oh, also love the short, grey stripe with the torn edges. Stop making so many options and making me only pick two. I am obviously incapable.

BumbersBumblings said...

I like the yellow and gray ones!!!

Foster said...

Super cute, Cheri! Love all...picking the pink one and gray one!

Jennifer Broadstreet said...

I like the cloud arrows and the pink polka dots. They are all so cute!

mrs.d said...

You know I like the yellow flowers. They feel so vintage. And the heart ones. Where did you get your tape? I feel like you said where in an earlier post, but now I can't remember.

mrs.d said...

And, cute calendar! :)

Laura Austin said...

I love the clouds and the pink polka dots! So cute I think I found my next project

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