Wednesday, August 04, 2010



i'm not exactly a wreath-making person. i don't know, for some reason i'm not good at it. but when i saw this foam form for one dollar, an idea popped into my crafty brain. i've kept my scraps from sewing, you know, the ends that come out tiny and thin and really shouldn't be kept? well, i knew there was some use for them but i didn't know what until i saw that stinking wreath form.

i started wrapping the scraps around the form and tying knots at the end so the wreath had an outside ring of ends around it, but honestly half-way through i hated it and started over. then i pulled out the glue gun and went to town wrapping the scraps and glueing the ends tight behind the form. i guess i just like things clean and simple.

i'm still not sure if i love it. i mean, does it need more? i have some paper flowers along the same color palette. i was thinking of fastening some to the bottom, off-center. what do you guys think??



Anna Davis said...

I think it looks pretty sweet the way it is!
PS-- I love your brown door!

Anonymous said...

I love it! So cute and simple in it's in little way :o)

carrie said...

I really love the cute simplicity of it!! Great Job!!

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