Thursday, August 12, 2010

open craft night version 2.0!


so tomorrow is the second night for the open craft-along and i wanted to keep this week's project simple and cheap. AND it's very easy to share supplies on this one.

tomorrow night we will be stamping. so there are certain supplies you will NEED to bring with you and some others that you can 'borrow' from me. ie: all my stamps. and i have lots. alphabets, kids, babies, thank yous, etc etc.

anyway, here is the supply list if you plan to stamp paper/cards:
card packs {these are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. target, joannes, walmart, the dollar store. just be sure the paper is NOT glossy so the stamps will dry.}
ink pads {these can be found for 1-5$ at michaels, joannes, target etc.}
clear stamping block(s) {these again can be found for around a dollar at arts and crafts stores, target, etc}

clear stamps {these are inexpensive right now and packs can be found on clearance at a lot of arts and crafts stores and target right now, my michaels was having a huge sale on them}

if you plan to stamp fabric {this is great for baby gifts}
onesies {packs can be bought at target or walmart...}
fabric paint {NOT 3-D tube paint, these will be in squeeze bottles primarily and should say fabric paint on them}
clear stamping block


OK, so i hope that clears it up. and if you want to do any of last weeks projects just bring the supplies for those or if you have your own on-going project that you just want to get a little further on, bring that instead! hope to see you all there!! email if you need directions.


Kelly said...

so that's what you were using the chalk spraypaint for! it looks great! that's something i still really want to do.

tinkhomie said...

ohh i think we should definitely make these next week:

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