Friday, August 20, 2010

winner winner AND craft night 3.0


So thank you to EVERYone who wished me birthday wishes. I know that even though I bribed you all with a gift, you really meant it from the heart. And thanks to everyone who follows this crazy nonsense pay-attention-to-me blog. I hope i've inspired someone to make something cute sometime. That's the goal here people.

So no more suspense, the winner of this lovely chalkboard plate {don't worry the real one i'm sending doesn't have all those crazy cracks in it, but i had already written on this one and was too lazy to redo on the actual plate} IS:


Send me your mailing address to and fast, so you can get this asap! I mean, they're pretty fun, and I may even include something else just for fun...
SO for OPEN CRAFT Night 3.0 We'll be following this tutorial. I have several scraps of silk {unless you want to bring a specific color}, so really all you need to bring is:

hot glue gun {or borrow from someone who brings one}
buttons, brads, beads etc for inside decoration

We're also spraypainting anything you bring with my handy dandy chalkboard spraypaint, so hopefully you guys have found some great finds this week...I have everything we need, you just bring the 'object'.

Looking forward to seeing some of you tonight!


Kelly said...

um, i kind of like the cracked chalk look!

embee said...

Love them! Sorry I won't be able to make it tonight...Sara had chemo on Monday and I need to help her out thus evening. I'm bummed but I'll be there for the next one!!!

judi said...

hey cheri,
k told me about your've been at this for a while!
stop by when you get a chance at
i kinda like the crackled chalkboard plate..makes it look old and i sure do like old.

judi ;)

Michelle said...

Thank you! I am so thrilled :) Wish I lived closer so I could attend a craft night :)

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