Monday, August 02, 2010

winner winner!


and the winner is.....SUSANNAH! i know, i know, who?! well, i cross-referenced this contest over on facebook and a few people commented and were added to the mix. susannah was one of them AND the lucky winner! but don't be sad, you know i'll do another one of these soon. in fact, i picked up some kelly green dye, so i'm sure to be making more of these necklaces asap.

also, keep tuned today to get some details for this weeks open craft night. yep, i'm opening my apartment and my know-how to anyone who wants to stop in. friday nights {starting this week} sometime after 6, you can join us for a night of chit chat and creating. yes, i just said chit chat. anyway, i'll be posting projects and supplies so you can pick and choose what you want to make. if you have a friend and want to share supplies on projects that would work too, since most supply lists make more than one of the particular project...happy group crafting!


Kelly said...

dude, i just made your "grown up s'mores" last night. so basically yomama loves you right now, because those things were AMAZING, and i got the idea from you. so come on over.

oh, and "kelly" green? those have my name on them, so i'll titally win those. :)

tinkhomie said...

haha, those things ARE awesome. so i guess i am comin' over...have that fake starbucks ready!

Kelly said...

it's ready! oh wait, i just drank it all. i'll get some more fixed up for you. by the way, send me your current address. i picked something up for you a few days ago. :)

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