Tuesday, August 17, 2010

etsy shopalicious

so the etsy shop is having a slow opening. i mean, i'm still selling to friends who just pick things out on friday nights and hand over the cash {and who wouldn't be totally ok with that...} but in the land of the internets it's a bit more staggered. the good news is that the everything pouches seem to be the big sellers and i've got about ten more in the works with some great awesome cute fabrics.

one good thing is that i keep getting individual listings added to treasuries. i'm not sure what that all means but i'm pretty sure free advertising and driving foot traffic to my shop will always be a good thing. so here's the treasuries i've been listed in, and maybe you'll just happen to find some adorable etsy find you can't live without. i'm always one for aiding shopoholism.

so here
and here
and here too.

also, supposedly our house closing is in the works. should be next monday...i'm beyond excited. and i've got a couple of possible work things in the mix, so it's all falling into place, slowly but surely...

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