Friday, August 13, 2010

the story of a two dollar chair


so here's what i did. i honestly had no idea how i was going to get the chair seat off of the base, but turns out it was as simple as 6 screws. once i had it separated, i peeled off that nasty vinyl covering and hot glued a new soft piece of bamboo batting over the whole thing. then with your help i decided on the lotus fabric and cut my piece to fit.
i gave the already beat up paint job a bit more distressing with some sandpaper. so now it looks more deliberate. then i stapled the fabric over the seat, being careful to pull tight and keep everything centered the way i wanted. once that was done {which surprisingly took the longest thanks to a testy staple gun} i finished off and hid the edges with some adhesive ribbon i found on clearance.
once it was all ready, i put the chair back together and basked in my awesomeness. seriously though, for a total of about 5 dollars, i have a stylish new chair for my sewing table. hopefully i can make it all work in the new place. thanks for everyone's input on it, it was really a split decision between the two fabrics!



carrie said...

that is the cutest $2 chair ever!!:)

Andrea said...

looks great! I need a sewing/crafting table and room. My dining room table works but I have to put it all way and then take it all back out when I want to sew/craft for fear of little hands. Your chair adds great appeal and would movitate me to create!

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