Sunday, April 11, 2010

time for a new header

so which do you prefer?

option a, the crafty pirate:
or option b, dj crafts-a-lot:
i think i'm partial to the pirate. anyone?


Sizzledowski said...

argh, this is a tough one, matie.

Me heart says go with the pirate.

Kelly said...

i like em both, so if you're leaning towards the pirate, go with that one.

(mel said it a lot cooler than i did).

Melissa said...

I like the pirate one best. It's edgy. :o)

carrie said...

they're both just fabulous, but i think the pendant,pirate one is more you:)

morninglory kitsch said...

love the elephant pendant!

revamped*midge said...

Love the pirate one but both are adorable! So no help from me :)

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