Friday, April 09, 2010

craft-along twenty ten: project one FINISHERS!

thanks to all the participants who did this, it was fun to see all your hard work and now you all have cute camera straps for your fancy cameras. good, no?

so here's the line-up:

kelly made this blue and green version: lovely, yes? you can read about her experience here!

melissa made this fabulous red and aqua version. you can read all about it here!

fields of gold (i don't know your real non-internet name! shame on me!) made a great version here!

mb hasn't blogged about hers yet, ha, but when she does i'm sure you'll find it here!

did i miss anyone? i really didn't mean to...

so don't forget, we're planning the next project. i'm thinking the apron idea is fantastic and i personally would love to do the crafty version as opposed to the kitchen version cause let's face it, i spend more time sewing than cooking. what do yous guys think?!? do you know of better tutorials?
don't forget to join the flickr photo pool here.
oh and mine was, well, just scroll down.


Kelly said...

fields of gold's name is shanelle. and i think i'll still do a kitchen apron. i think. i don't know how much i'd use a craft apron.

Kelly said...

i just got done buying my fabric, and my beautiful valori wells butterfly fabric poops all over your bird fabric.

Andrea said...

um, yes for sure on the kitchen apron! I already started working on it! love the link to one you posted, the ruffled bottom is great.

Melissa said...

Actually, ladies, I think I'm going to have to pass on this craft-along. For starters, I don't wear aprons, so I would be making this as a gift for someone.
Second, I'm a bit over-committed right now craftually, both inside and out. :o) I've got some sewing projects I absotively posilutely must finish before the baby gets here, and then after that, who knows when I'll put the pedal to the metal again!
Sorry! Maybe next time!
I will, however, be excited when you all share your lap-protectors! :o)

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