Saturday, April 10, 2010

hello spring


what a great day. warm sun, cool breeze and blue sky. we spent today running a couple of 'errands'. we started in our neighborhood, where as you can see everything is in full bloom.

then we were entertained in the station and on the train by this guy playing a little reggae.
on to soho where we walked around a bit, unsuccessful in finding the husband his much-needed luggage. we did however find a great lunch at the quaint and decently-priced project sandwich. this was the view from the window:
then it was up to nyu and washington square park where as you can see, everyone was making the most of the sun.
back on the train and downtown to the camera store (yee-ha) and then back uptown to grand central only to find that luggage store closed 15 minutes early. hello, new york? across town to macys 34th street via cabbie.

finally back home and our tired feet are resting as we watch a movie and enjoy some leftovers. a good day, with some new booty for both of us. a victorinox red garment bag for the husband and a fancy new camera lens for me (and a remote AND a new 8GB memory card!). now if tomorrow's as nice as they say, i might be spending some time around the neighborhood playing with my new present!



embee said...

YAy for a productive saturday! Lucky you with your new presents :) I just got an 8gb card too, now just need that remote ;)

Kelly said...

we got a 16gb card from the last black friday sale. i love it, but i need to delete a bunch of pics.

LOVE your pictures, by the way. beautiful.

carrie said...

looks like it was an awesome weekend in the city!! loved all your pics!! what's up with the sign free advice sex and dating. that's stinkin' funny!!

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