Tuesday, April 13, 2010

look at me look at me


i wanted to show off the mad skillz of my new lens so here it is. i have others to show but for now, midnight, this will have to do. i'm tired and i NEED my sleep.

i have to say, i love the lens and can't wait to test it on some wee little ones called kenzie and kali. i hope they'll cooperate. i do need to keep in mind that it overexposes a bit, and i need to work with the manual focus a bit. but after a couple of hours, it was probably more my eyes than the camera.

what do you think??


carrie said...

Wow!! that's an amazing pic!! you have some mad photography skills:) i just showed kenzie the pic and she said that the pic would be so pretty on the wall:)

daisygirl said...

Gorgeous! I have taken pics into photoshop just to get that effect-I don't have a fancy shmancy lens! We did a series of three different instruments in black and white to frame and hang above our piano. They turned out great, but a lot more work than having the right lens. Great picture!

Melissa said...

You gonna tell us about the lens, or just tease us? :o) Is it a macro lens? (see, I know nothing!)
I love the pop of color in the shot, though, where everything else is dull. Well done, Chickadee! :o)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm saving to buy a new 50mm lens. Still have very far to go on learning about my new SLR...classes to follow this summer, I hope! Keep posting beautiful pics!

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