Wednesday, April 07, 2010

99 red balloons


so of course things are SO busy. but i feel guilty for leaving this place hanging so i uploaded some pictures yesterday that i'll be able to blog about over the next few days.

we had an amazing weekend full of sun and fun and pictures, but i think this was one of my favorites. we discovered this great place in CT called wadsworth falls and wadsworth mansion. (is that what it's called carrie?) anyway, the place was amazing. i'm going to go move in and just not tell anyone. it's big enough to hide out for a while undetected.

it was great to spend easter with our 'family' in CT. maybe someday i'll live close enough to my family in RI that we can make it a dual day without 6 hours of driving!

1 comment:

carrie said...

this pic is soooo cute!! i loved this past weekend!! we had the best time with you guys, and yes wadsworth mansion is the name. it kind of reminded me of a mansion that belongs in Newport!!

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