Wednesday, April 21, 2010

happy earth day!


in celebration, i picked up some plant-based laundry detergent and dishsoap, some organic leave-in conditioner and say yes to cucumbers conditioner (i've tried the say yes to carrots conditioner before and that one was great). oh and some tom's of maine toothpaste! surprisingly enough, those all-natural products last longer than you'd expect, and you're not only doing good for the environment, you're also helping your own well-being. so say no to chemicals!

oh and i'm bringing it all home in my reusable san francisco ladybug bag. that little roll-up thing is convenient! thanks JEN!! i carry it everywhere with me.


Jennifer and Maddy said...

:) yay! love you

Jana-banana said...

I just picked up Kiss my Face lotion, It's good for your whole bod! Target has a good selection with good prices. The reusable shopping bag thing is still tricky for me though. Too many other things to remember (namely 3 children)

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