Tuesday, March 06, 2007

war and peace

thus is the on-going relationship with my eyebrows.

tweezers are not your friend, especially ocd people who pluck every stray hair that's not in line with the others {get in line sucka} until they realize half their eyebrow is now missing. i was that girl. i have the pictures to prove it. i'm not sure when it happened but i became addicted to tweezing. it was a very zen ritual for me, it hardly even hurt anymore. i was starting to do it every day. it was hurting those i loved. i never even took time to play with my dog. is someone you love suffering from depression? {i digress}

recently however i've developed a loving nurturing relationship with my eyebrows and we're currently at peace with one another. they still show traces of abuse along the oh so thin ends but all in all they're making huge progress. i've restrained myself to plucking only the very, very out of line hairs. every morning i brush them into place {ocd} and i think, eyebrows, keep up the good work {or i'll pluck you into line suckas}.


Tammy said...

Love this post and have to confess I have a long "war" with my eyebrows also.

I'm Molly said...

It's about time you changed my link! geez. Oh, and good work on the eyebrows, Mona Lisa.

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