Thursday, March 15, 2007

staring at the ceiling

ok i'm freaking out right now. it just hit me that we're actually looking at buying a house {did i forget to mention that?}. which means we would actually have to put ours on the market within the next couple of months. we would actually have to pick a lot to put the house on, we would actually have to narrow down the list of upgrades. closing costs. lawyers. realtors. buyer's remorse? it's a scary thing buying something that's so honking expensive.

i could buy 5 dollar sweaters all day long, but stare me in the face with a six figure number and i freeze. is it the right move? is it smart? will we sell our house? will we like our new neighbors? can we afford it all on one salary should we ever need to? so much to think about. so much to stress about. so just in case we do actually make this change, i plan to paint the remaining unfinished rooms in the house this weekend, clean out closets and donate stuff, lots of collected over three years of living in our house stuff.

1 comment:

marybeth said...

well i can say i was glad to take your junk! did you notice i was using your bag on sunday???

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