Friday, March 09, 2007

ode to 10,000

this past week my car hit the 10,000 mile mark. i'm not sure what's so special about this number, but it feels like i've broken it in. i've committed. and i can't bring it back since it probably dropped about 4k in value. {except it's a subaru so it probably hasn't dropped at all} at 10,000 miles you know if you've got a good thing or a bad thing. i got a good thing. there's nothing about my car that i dislike. the designers thought of everything that makes everyday life easier {along with incredible awd handling, which lets face it, i so need in the winterwonderland that is here}. there's even a space inbetween the cupholders for your mug handle. who thinks of that? there's a pop-down holder for my sunglasses {actually two, his and hers}. two hooks to prevent shopping bags from sliding around. heated seats. heated windshield wipers and mirrors. need i say more. so at 10,000 miles i'm happy. i'm committed. and i'm in love. 100,000 miles, here i come. {maybe the title should be ode to subaru...i love you people!}

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morninglory kitsch said...

loving a possession. hmm, what would shetler, mutsch and mullinex say? don't get too attached, that's about the time something happens and you get really mad at it. but that's what i get for buying a ford. next one's gonna be german - like me.

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