Tuesday, January 02, 2007

welcome back cotter

or is it carter? i never really knew.

anyway, i'm back in town. we came back after boston on saturday, a couple of days earlier than we expected. which worked out well since the outlets were closed and i couldn't do any monetary damage to my checkbook. {love those after-christmas sayals} i got some pictures on their way, hoping to look through them all today or tomorrow...busy busy.

i also got some new years resolutions:

eat healthy! but seriously, actually eat healthy this year. and make it a habit.

get in shape! spin class should help in that department. bye bye saggy butt.

curb that frivelous spending habit. sticking to the allowance and saving up for something jazzy instead of just buying everything. dern those incredible sale prices....


mb said...

its cotter. i think.

mom said...

It is spelled Kotter with a K. I googled the tv show. Ah, memories......all be it SCARY!

Wannabe said...

Here are my new years resolutions:

1. Eat as much sugar and fattening food as possible.
2. Sit on my butt and do nothing.
3. Spend as much as possible.

I figure at least I can keep these. :)

Welcome back!

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