Monday, January 15, 2007

e-mail forwards = e-vil

i really hate them. most of the time, if you send me a forward, i don't even open it. i click on it, then click on delete. it's harsh i know, but i don't need to waste my time reading 792 different ways to floss my teeth or 92 ways to call the police on my cell phone when stranded in my car aside a lake overflowing with rabid snakehead fish who just so happen to know how to unlock the car doors on a ford fusion.

so you can understand my delight when i opened e-vil forwarded e-mail today and was so sick of the guilty photo of a lung-cancer child victim begging me to forward it to every single e-mail i posessed in my address book {or i had the heart of a newt} so she could get 7 cents each time. so i did some research. i went to the actual website of said foundation that was supporting said child and searched the name. up pops this page about the false names and the chain letters and the foundation's claim to have nothing to do with said chain letters {along with instructions to not forward letters since it does indeed hinder the foundations work and takes them away from real children with real problems}.

so support real charities and stop forwarded e-vils today.

this message brought to you by your local annoyed e-mail recipient.


Jolly said...

I was reading an email about this just the other day. I'll forward it to you now.

mb said...

all i can think about this last comment is hahahahahahaha

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