Thursday, January 18, 2007

tell me what i want what i really really want

i want a macbook pro. laptop. sleek. slim. hot. design on the go. the husband and i travel so much it just makes sense. right? and i did just finish a job that would cover the costs. and i'm pretty sure it's a tax write-off being that it would be used for business ect. so do i break down and get one now or do i wait patiently for apple to introduce the next best thing and lower the price a few hundred. decisions decisions. all i know is i'm obsessed with getting a laptop, i just hate that feeling of walking out the door and being so disconnected and unproductive.

{oh and ps. yes, i did have a friday post here but i pulled it in suspense for tomorrow. i don't know why but my body clock totally thinks today is friday. hopefully only a couple of people read it or tomorrow's post will feel regurgitated and stank..}

1 comment:

Wannabe said...

WAIT. Because then you can have it loaded with Leopard too instead of just Tiger. I hear Leopard comes out soon. I'm totally begging for a Pro too. I love my G5 but...I wanna wanna wanna have a laptop

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