Wednesday, January 17, 2007

seriously. frigid.

so we're experiencing the coldest day of the year and already i'm looking for plane tickets to florida. not that i love florida, but it's a cheap flight, it's warmer than here, and i have a friend i could mooch off for at least a week before the night-time screams of small children drives me away.

me and cold weather, we just don't mix. i'm the type of person who wears a cardi in the peak of summer. when you start throwing 4 degree {heck yes batman} weather at me i shrivel, literally. so, with only one week of snow and ice, i've already morphed into winter-me. which involves a lot of hot showers, hot soup, cough drops, layers of warm wool clothing, fleece blankets at work and sobbing from sun-deprevation. let's hope this one only lasts a few months.


mb said...

they could make a comic boook character out of you. only it wouldn't be a hero. maybe a villain? who knows. i can just see you all hunched over, pale, shivering.

but coldman doens't sound good. now i'm going to have to think of a name for you.

jen said...

hurray for sweaters on sale during summer for our freezing butts... sorry you're so cold, it's not much better here

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