Monday, January 29, 2007


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i love my wrist warmers. manda, thanks bunches. and the chocolate tea looks interesting, i'll have to give it a try. if it tastes anything like hot cocoa, i'll be hooked. and my first marymo handmade thing! i love it, i've already put it to use in my big bag o'stuff {aka: purse} and they all couldn't come at a better time.

i'll make a long week short and summarize. wednesday night i checked into the ER. i thought i had appendicitis. never research an illness online. you WILL think you have ALL of the symptoms and your mind WILL run with it. but i did have severe abdominal pain and it wasn't going away. after hours of peeing in cups, stickings with needles, drinkings of nasty fluids, drafty hospital garments, IVs {which cause me to break out} and high-level radiation scans: they find nothing. zip. zero. niet. {i think that's german for nothing?} so i went home at 3 {the awesome husband came and picked me up after only an hour of sleep and a shower} and we both called into work that day. it started feeling better. i went to a surgeon on friday. it felt even better. he said i don't-didn't-never-had appendicitis. and i don't have a hernia. his best guess is i had an ovarian cyst that burst and released some fluids {which he noticed on the scan} into my body causing the pain. yippee. no surgery. no anesthesia. no puking. all in all, it turned out well. yay for bursting ovarian cysts...

hope you all had a stellar weekend. and just remember, your appendix is completely useless.

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Wannabe said...

They look SO good on you! YEAH!!!

Glad you are okay. Sometimes I search WebMD too much and think I have everything from the German Measles to appendicitis too...I'm a bit of a germ freak.

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