Thursday, May 05, 2011

spring has sprung


Well, to be honest this photo was taken sometime early last week. Those tulips have bloomed and peaked and are now losing their petals. Although the four I cut and brought inside are doing remarkably well.

Spring has been especially fun for me this year because since we bought our house in the fall and everything was sadly overgrown, I didn't have any idea what was planted anywhere. Lucky for me there are beautiful buds and flowers and flowering trees everywhere. I even discovered I have about 5-6 lilac bushes spread around the property. Once those are in bloom I'll be cutting and displaying and smelling to my little hearts desire. There's nothing like free flowers!

Oh and that tree you see there, the one every single contractor/worker {even the husband} has been asking if i'm cutting down. Yeah, turns out it's a weeping cherry and now i'm so glad I've stuck to my guns because it is gorgeous. And that glimmering taxi cab yellow door? Well, I think it's growing on everyone...

1 comment:

Piper said...

Love the the "glimmering taxi cab yellow door." :)

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