Thursday, May 05, 2011

cramping my style

I know that we are in a transition phase. I tell myself that every day. It's not normal to move into half a house, but essentially, that's what we've done. So in the meantime, we have loads of stuff in every room. For an organizational neat freak, this is a problem. For months I've been moving things from room to room, packing things, unpacking things, creating storage solutions and basically losing my mind. Since we've had the basement permanently fixed {no more water, take that mother nature}, I decided to bring a bunch of things back downstairs and recreate a little craft room.

I was sick and tired of looking at this:
No matter how temporary it was, I couldn't go another day staring at all that stuff. I brought everything downstairs and created some not so sturdy piles. Then I disassembled the shelves, brought them piece by piece downstairs and reassembled them. They're now happily residing in the 'craft nook'.

Then it was in with the sofa table that was so kindly donated to us fo' free. When it came to me, it was a lighter oak, so after a little sanding, staining and poly-ing, it's a deep dark warmer tone that works with the rest of our furniture. The chalkboard was also an upcycled freebie. The old frame was painted and fitted with a chalkboard. More on those projects later, I did actually take before and after photos...the picnic basket is holding/hiding all my fitness magazines. The candle holder is another goodwill upcycle made from a platter and a silver cake display.

So now my soothing wall looks more like this, ahhh, that's better:


1 comment:

embee said...

silly girl taking it apart and putting it back together all by yourself. can't sit still can you.

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