Monday, May 23, 2011

goodbye dear friend


So we orchestrated a surprise going-away bash for Carrie yesterday afternoon. She really had no idea, as you can see from her face:
It was a great time of fun and laughter and served as amends for all the excuses we concocted to avoid her this weekend! I think she was a little disappointed that nobody wanted to spend her last day with her!
I wish I had thought {smart I am almost always not} to use my external flash on such a dreary day, since a lot of the indoor photos came out blurred. That was upsetting to discover this morning! But alas, I give you what I could find that wasn't embarrassingly poor.
So although we will see her and her family again before their forever exodus, it was nice to say goodbye to her in our way. Even if it was a just excuse to eat cake pops. {more on those in another post!}


1 comment:

Kelly said...

awwww, i know you'll miss her as much as she'll miss you! looks like a great party, though.

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