Wednesday, May 04, 2011

brooklyn cherry blossom festival


So we took a last minute trip to Brooklyn on Saturday, and I have to say I'm glad I decided to go for so many reasons.

First, I was able to spend what will likely be my last trip to the city with Carrie, who will soon be off off and away thanks to her house selling in a mere week! I have to say I'm not really happy they're all leaving but I am happy for her that everything is working itself out...
I was also able to meet the other half of this splendid couple, aren't they adorable?
Then there was plenty of girl time and of course all the amazing food. There's nothing like eating some great Italian food under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Another very important reason is that I had the opportunity to mark something off my nyc bucket list. When I lived in Brooklyn I always wanted to go to their botanical gardens for the cherry blossom festival and though there was no time to do it while I lived there, I was able to mark it off this past weekend.
If anyone's ever interested in going it is well worth it. They do a beautiful job with all their gardens, there's some great japanese food to try, and the costumes {both traditional and not so much} are fun to see. The girls loved all the cartoon get-ups and seeing all the crazy dresses {and wigs} the women were wearing.
All in all it was a great trip even though i'm still recovering from all that walking!

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