Monday, May 16, 2011

it's all part of my master plan

Progress on the house is at a stand still currently. Why? Because the guy we use to install the hardwoods is backed up. Bummer. Serious bummer. Because I really really really want to move into our master suite. You'll see why in a second.
Here is our bedroom as it stands. The two cubbies on either side of the bathroom door will house built-in wardrobes. That I can't buy, assemble and install until the floors are done. Grr.
Then here's a glimpse at our messy new master bath. The shower glass is still being priced out, and the vanity is waiting for it's two lights, but other than that we are system's go. Water, toilet, double sinks and everything. Oh and did I mention the heated floor? It's a bathroom I may never want to leave. Can you get Chinese delivered to a bathroom?
Then there's our sad lonely pile of hardwoods just waiting to be installed. Don't they look sad?
And this is why we've been antsy to move into the new 'wing'. We've been living in the guest room since November. Not that it's a terrible thing, I mean, we're lucky to have had the bedroom to move into. Better than camping out in the living room. But we're surrounded by extra furniture that we didn't want to move to the basement just to move all the way back up here again. So our headboard is a mattress set, and our other headboard adorns the wall. Then there's an array of dressers on the other side of the room. It's crazy. We just want to move in to our rooms and spread the furniture love. Instead of living in the 13x17 foot furniture store...

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Piper said...

"They" say the best things in life are worth waiting for...and wowie does it ever look like you're well on your way to something wonderful. Hang in there! <3

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