Thursday, December 23, 2010

vacation shmacation

Seriously though, it was really nice to get away to somewhere warm. Some of you wanted to know how the trip to key west so here it is. We did a lot of this:
and saw a lot of these: {pelicans are HUGE by the way}
Carrie spent most of the trip doing this {it was nice to not be the only one behind a camera}:
We had an impromptu photoshoot on our resort grounds but unfortunately we picked the windiest and coolest hour the day before we left: {oops}
And almost every night we watched one of these and then went to grab some dessert {I think Carrie has the photos of the desserts}:

Thank you Carrie for all the great photos you took!!


Kelly said...

LOVE that picture of you and justin!

tinkhomie said...

wait, which one?!

carrie said...

These turned out sooooo beautiful!!! Makes me want to go back!! Love these shots!!:)

Kelly said...

well, both of them...but specifically, the one with you in the blue dress.

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