Sunday, December 05, 2010

and then there was the living room

with it's magnificent fireplace. I've always wanted a fireplace for real fires. None of these fake super efficient gas fires for me {no offense to all you clean burning flick of a switch people}, I like the smell of the wood, it's very New England-y.
Anyway, the living room was one of the only rooms that didn't need a LOT of help. It really just needed some paint, some new trim and some refinished wood floors. I think it turned out warm and cozy, and once we actually get some furniture, it'll be functional too. What do you think?



Kelly said...

it's beautiful! we had a cold (california cold - lower 50's) rainy night last night, and i was saying to grant how nice it would be to have a fireplace, and how in our next house, that's going to be a must.

carrie said...

cheri, it looks so great!! love the lights on the mantle:)

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