Friday, December 03, 2010

kitchen remodel

Just a quick background on our house: We bought a foreclosure. The people it was passed around to liked to do things themselves. A lot of crappy things. This thing was a giant fire hazard just waiting to burn to the ground. The basement had light switches and outlets hanging on 1x2s from the ceiling joists. It was bizarre. And we thought, sure, that's the perfect house for us! HA! Well, honestly, it is the perfect house for us, and once we're done it'll be the perfect house for anyone! But that takes time, intellect and money. Luckily, I'm freelancing here and there so time I have along with a slight eye for design, J is the smarts, AND we purchased the house on the down-cheap, well, for Connecticut anyway...

Ok, now this is the part of the house that we spent the most money in, unless you count all the plumbing and electric bills from the entire house. Kitchen's are key in raising a houses value obviously, so this old one, although functional, had to go. The cabinets were original, and not as easy to remove as you would think. Unfortunately for the mouse living underneath them, they were history. Luckily for him the porch door was open so he just bolted into the backyard, a little shooken up but nonetheless safe.

Can you believe that THIS:

Turned into THIS?:
Neither can I, but I must have redesigned this kitchen 25 times before we figured everything out. We opted to remove the two windows and porch door and insert a slider for more light. The photos are deceiving since the before's are from summer and the sun's just a bit weaker this time of year, but the before kitchen was a dark cave compared to what it is now.

Oh, and here's a peak into the laundry room we had built out from the existed small pantry closet that was there before: IMG_2799_laundry.jpg

The kitchen is now function-central, and hosts a pretty good amount of people comfortably. The sink window is being replaced soon and the backsplash will be tiled after that. I also have some trim to put up around the laundry room and slider but after that we'll be pretty much complete in this room!


Kelly said...

w-o-w! it looks amazing! and i love the little sneak peak into the living room with the christmas lights on the mantle. i'm glad you didn't paint the fireplace, btw.

carrie said...

cheri your house looks awesome. You have done some much work on it and it's definitely worth it. Your house is beautiful!1:)

Anonymous said...

How Wonderful!!! I love it and can't wait to see the tiled backsplash. Y'all should be on a before and after home improvement show! Well done!!

Andrea said...

it looks great! you guys did an amazing job. Bravo!

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