Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Great Kate.

About 8 or 9 months ago a friend of mine from upstate ny called and asked me {formally} if I would be her wedding photographer. As much as I loved Kate it was an easy YES, HECK YES! And then she mentioned she even budgeted to pay me! Bonus, people! Anyway, it was amazing to be part of her big day.

J was my trusty assistant and he was so overwhelmed by how intimately we, as photographers, were involved. He said, it was almost like your own wedding day, just reliving it through them. And I guess I would have to agree.

Kate was the most amazing bride, beautiful, calm, reserved and fully trusting. It was truly a huge pleasure to work with and for her yesterday, and to be such an intricate part of her day. I only hope that when she sees her photos, she'll be as happy as she was when Paul asked her to marry him!

Here's a sneak peek since it's going to take me most of the morning to upload and sort these files. It's a moment that captured all the vintage glam that she so effortlessly exuded:



Charity said...

beautiful picture i absolutely love her dress!!!

Kelly said...

gorgeous! i saw your other pictures of flickr, and they are all amazing!

embee said...

Ww. Great pic. Would love to see more!

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