Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A tinker party indeed!


It's true, i'm hosting a holiday shopping party at my not-nearly-finished home. Luckily i'm not too proud to display my missing trim and my half complete bathroom.

Anyway, if you're in the CT area and want to come buy {oops, I meant by} then email me at for location details. Cause you know, it's silly to be giving out your address to the whole entire internetz.
These cute little guys will be the party favors. Really simple to make and cheap, I hope to have leftovers to hand around to the neighbors... Oh and i'm already dreaming up delicious fatty desserts to make. Come one, come all and support handmade this Christmas. {And of course i'll fill you in on the vaca once I can catch up!}



carrie said...

too stinkin' cute!! Love this idea!!:)

Kelly said...

oh, speaking of fatty stuff, i made a peppermint dip (served with chocolate graham crackers) the other day, and it was delish! if you want to know how, email me.

Piper said...


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