Monday, April 06, 2009

yesterday was 'a good day'

despite my mood that seeped through from saturday. since sunday turned out to be a fantastically beautiful spring day, we decided to try out my new privos and walk for miles. we explored new neighborhoods and strolled into some open houses (apartments) which we firmly decided were completely out of our price range or ridiculously overpriced still. why hasn't the housing market hit nyc yet people? that's it, we're moving to jersey.

anyway, we found a great little pizza place in carroll gardens and decided to chill for a few. then it was home where we both crashed for a nap with the window cracked and a small blanket for the chill. we went to get a movie around 8 and decided it was so nice, we should walk for blocks and blocks more. exhausting, but i slept like a rock lastnight.


embee said...

you didn't even have to use your AK!

oh wait i forgot that you're a white girl from rhode island. you don't know any rap songs :)

we had the perfect sunday too.

Jennifer and Maddy said...

this is the second picture of justin looking way too skinny... what happened to his muscles? haha i know he's going to hate me now!

daisygirl said...

Wow, things are blooming!
Okay, that pizza looks yummy. I think I'll make pizza for lunch now.

morninglory kitsch said...

for just a moment i thought you had a bottle of aunt jemima on the table, then beer, nope - stewarts.

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