Saturday, April 04, 2009

bake away the cramps

feeling a bit *yuck* today so sweet baked apples make things a little more bearable. and it makes me every time i get to use my grandmother's little baking dish. these were the perfect excuse. i did halve the recipe which i think kept the apples a little undercooked. next time i'll just bake them a bit longer. other than that they were delish. even with the cheese/raisin/walnut topping.

went to view some apartments this morning. most of what's out there is so below the level of living we prefer, but there are some surprises when you find them. i did like one but it was a one bedroom which makes me a little sad. and then it had a den off the bedroom and huge closets which made me a little happy. it's not the coolest apartment but if they made an attractive enough offer we would consider it. we'll see, we still have two months before we have to move which in nyc is like looking for a house and wanting your closing six months out.

we have time! i keep having to remind myself that. i like knowing in advance where i'll be living for the next year. i'm silly like that.


carrie said...

mmmmm, that baked apple looks yummy and a rather healthy snack:) that pic makes me hungry!!:) hey could the den work out as a second bedroom? you could put your futon in there??

daisygirl said...

That looks like yummy warm comfort food-perfect for this snowy day.

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