Friday, April 03, 2009

so that's that

i've made a conscious decision about this blog. someone (yes you mel) mentioned the other day that i should start taking photos of my daily outfits and create a separate place to put them BUT that's too much work so i was just thinking of incorporating it into this here online journal thingamajig. of course, normally, this wouldn't be interesting AT ALL but due to the fact that i'm literally forced to include stylish/trendsetting daily attire into my list of job responsibilities, i thought this might be fun. my job has also forced me to be a little more creative with clothing, and maybe even push my comfort zone just a little (half the time i feel foolish and wouldn't mind a second or eighth opinion on the matter).

so what do you think? would you be willing to critique me all the time? and of course i could give input on what trends i've seen popping up across the city BUT by no means consider my word fashionista rule. i'm so far from being a style guru i could be on 'what not to wear'. i'm that silly girl who still buys the 5 dollar pashminas off the street vendor and wears boy-sized chuck taylors (they were ten dollars cheaper!).

oh and i really want to include a lot more city knowledge and adventures around here. i mean, this place has been pretty lame lately, no? i haven't even been updating. what's up with that? i miss being interesting. see, i don't even have an interesting photo for this post.


the Jeffr said...

hmm. if you want different pages on your blog, check out the features on wordpress. they might be better suited for what you wanna do.
Oh, and you can bet i'd chime in on your swanky NYC fashion shoots...of yourself.

Sizzledowski said...

DO IT! And I'm honored that you mentioned me, even though you called me Mel ... which I know you do because you don't remember if I'm Melanie or Melissa or someone else. But it's ok.

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