Friday, April 24, 2009

in comparison

this picture is so much prettier than i feel. we had some bad mexican food lastnight, but in all honesty it was really fantastic, we're just all paying for it today. i think i'm the worst because i'm the litte-ist, which is funny because i never think of myself as small until times like these. and then i have to remember that a 100 pound body reacts very differently than a 200 pound body. so although my husband was able to get outside and sweat it out today, i have been a prisoner to the couch and the bathroom.

in essence, i really feel like crap. i know that i do need to hydrate but dummy me didn't start doing that until about an hour ago. anything smart i should be doing??


your mommy said...

if you have vomited at all, wait 20 minutes before sipping any water and you may want to consider something to replenish electrolytes. And of course, a soft comforter and a fluffy pillow always seem to help me =)

daisygirl said...

Hope you are feeling better today-did you get all hydrated again?

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