Wednesday, April 29, 2009

reporting for duty

so as i'm sitting here, waiting for them to call my name for jury duty, i decided to do something constructive. besides complain.

so here's my to do list:

sew two baby blankets for upcoming shower (in two weeks)
write a long letter to a friend, so i can get some things off my chest
write back to a friend who did get some things off her chest
call a girl about her wedding
make marybeth a fun gift as soon as i get the supplies i just ordered
reread that article about how to say no (not that i'm overwhelmed, yet)
waste some time on facebook and im

PS: apparently one cannot blog from the free wifi in the courthouse.

PPS: just fyi i was NOT chosen as a juror due to them not needing anyone. which they might have told us the night before. but the good news is i made it to part of the photo shoot that i was missing and had loads of fun and cheered right up.

1 comment:

embee said...

awwww. that reminds me, let me know how much you want for three more albums ok?

and you need to let me know a color for the ipod case. alrighty.

/stuff could have been said in email

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