Wednesday, July 09, 2008

is this home

since i don't have a job yet and we've been 'settled in' for a few weeks, i'm getting a bit antsy. so i'm nesting. if nesting is what i think it is. if it's making new pillows and a bed skirt and organizing and reorganizing closets. finally fixing that pile of clothes. making a jewelry holder for the closet door. etc etc etc. i find myself trying to find something to do that doesn't require money. in nyc that's harder to do than you think.

maybe i should take this time to learn how to cook, or take some yoga classes, or volunteer somewhere. or get a haircut. i don't know. i'm just ready. for something. else.

there's a little shop update with some new rings and earrings. i have a few more things to photograph and put up. and i'm thinking of a contest here in the next couple of days. that'll keep me busy.


Jana said...

Wow, way to go on being so industrious! I need to learn the skill of turning boredom into busy energy. Instead I just pull out a book and start reading and pretty soon a couple hours are gone but the mess is still there! :( You know, maybe God is holding off on a job so you can learn the skill if being still (just so you can hear Him better), I'm not so good at that either. But hey, life is about being a work in progress, right?

the Jeffr said...

Antsy, huh? I know the feeling. Wanna learn spanish and how to play the uke with me?

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