Saturday, July 26, 2008

international shipping is no more

for the time being anyway. i kind of struggled with this because although i don't ship outside the US a whole lot, it does happen and i hate that i can't let certain people buy my etsy items. BUT i also like to get items in the mail within two days and in order to ship outside the US i have to fill out a customs form and go to the post office to ship anything. well, our new post office within walking distance sucks, they have long lines all the time, and i might not have as much time on my hands within the next couple of weeks. {more on that later...}

this is not to say i won't ever ship outside the US, in fact, if you're really really wanting something, just send me an email and i'll let you know how soon it would ship. if you're ok with the shipping time, then consider it yours! also, for Christmas i'll open it up to everyone again, since i'll have more orders to ship at once, and i won't be standing in line for a half hour to ship five dollars worth of stuff.

all of the decisions i try to make regarding my shop, are always in the interest of keeping my prices low, so everyone can order cute stuff without having to dip into the take-out budget. to be honest, my profits are ridiculously low, but i love the feeling of someone wanting something i've made myself, so for now, i'll keep doing this. in the future...who knows?

so i hope this doesn't disappoint too many people, especially since i just updated the shop with new keyfobs, hairclips and pendants!! {oh and no worries, you can live outside the US and still win a freebie!}

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morninglory kitsch said...

just leaving a comment on here, because no one else did. i decided against shipping abroad. i'm just not ready to make that kind of commitment.

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