Tuesday, July 29, 2008

instruct shee ons

so i feel bad, i always show these cute things and then you always want to know how to make them and i never tell you SO lastnight when i was finishing up yet another project {finally} i decided to take some pictures.

how to make cute coasters from fabric scraps, you will need:
4 - 5x5" squares of fabric.
4 - 5x5 square out of patches of coordinating scraps. these will be your coaster fronts.
4 - 5x5" squares of batting.
masking tape, as small or as large as you want. you'll be using these as a guide for your quilting lines. i think i'm using 3/4" tape.

so put the batting on the back piece of your coaster, place your tape lines, and sew in between the tape, like this:
this is what you'll get when you take off the tape:
put your coaster front and back together, facing each other, wrong sides out and sew around each side, leaving a couple of inch opening to be able to turn inside out:
like this:
once you turn it inside out, press it flat and then sew a seam around the outside edge which will close up that opening you left for turning it inside out.

now look what you've got, a stellar set of coasters to protect your IKEA furniture:


Kelly said...

oh.my.goodness. those are the cutest things EVER! i'll have to try this when i get home and get to my sewing machine. but, i have a feeling i'm a little too sewing illiterate to do this.

tinkerwiththis said...

no way, it's so easy. and it's patchwork, so if it's not perfect no one will know....you can do it!! your california house needs cute little coasters for all those sweaty drinks....

Sizzledowski said...

Those are awesome! :) I might even have to buy some from you.

Jana said...

How do you learn all this? do you take calsses or just read books? Why do you want a job when you could stay home and let your creative juices flow and sell it all for big money?

tinka what what said...

i surf the web a lot, there are a ton of crafty websites out there, then i get inspired and when i have the time, i pull out the sewing machine.

ha, so much work and time goes into this stuff that i can make more money per hour just working. :)

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