Tuesday, September 19, 2006

tagged in the heart, and you're to blame

i've been tagged which i'm ok with, since it rarely happens among bloggers. i mostly ignore the live journals and myspace tags. there's just not enough time in the day to answer 72 questions about my first pet and kindergarten, 18 times...

Three things I am doing right now: searching images for an ad, creating a poster, and sizing an ad. {and chewing gum!}

Three nicknames: tink, riellen, and one i have to censor that my husband calls me.

Three people that make me laugh: marybeth, daniel, and john heder.

Three things on my floor: ipod headphones, my beloved coach bag and {works} G4.

Three things I can do: i'm with you kelly, i can spend $$$ like it's an olympic sport. i can paint, and i can bake a mean apple pie.

Three things that I love: the ocean, autumn and my jean jacket.

i'm not going to tag three people because that's too much pressure, BUT if i had to it would be 'loggorhea', 'letter to the world' and 'all my fat love'. suckas.


Kelly said...

Wow! I really didn't think you'd do this.

tinker said...

the key is keeping others expectations of you, low.

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