Wednesday, September 13, 2006

say yay

so i had a thought recently. {as my mom would say: they don't come along often. silly mum.} i'm planning on putting up about 4-5 {maybe more} new photo prints on the site (check sidebar links --->) BUT i need to order a couple for myself SO...if i get some other orders i can take off about 5 dollars for the shipping: 11x17 would be $20 and 16x20 would be $30. a sort of SALE if you will.

Anyway, i should do this in the next week or so. If anyone's interested let me know. {and let you're peeps know please} also, if there's something in particular you're looking to get an {awesome} image of, or have an odd-sized {but really cool and on clearance so who wouldn't buy it} frame to fill send me an e-mail and we'll chat.


Heather said...

I *need* you to come take pics of my son please. He is getting bigger every day and would love, love, love for you to capture him as he is now.

I promise to pay you and even feed you while you're here. :)

tink said...

name a date chica!

mom said...

if it is that easy...... hey, I need you to come up here and get some great shots for me, autumn is absolutely beautiful up here, so ... when should I pencil you in for????
Is that working?

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