Monday, September 25, 2006

i'll take a mcdrama with that.

got in a teeny tiny fender bender this morning. that's what happens when i stress out about being places early. this is why i freelance. i shouldn't be required to be there prior to when i want to be. in fact, i shouldn't be required to be anywhere but in front of my computer in my pajamas. anyway, i'm not hurt, and neither is the woman i collided with {which is really just a nice way to say smashed into}.

but my brand new car is cracked up, smashed up, and generally sad. it's getting dropped off in the a.m. and i'll have a rental for the next few days. hopefully the damage isn't extreme. it doesn't look it, but you never know. my neck and head are a bit stiff so i'll need to stretch out later {across my bed preferably}. on a happy note, this is my first accident in years. literally. but i bet my insurance still goes up.


mom said...

I'm sorry to hear about your accident. If your head and neck doesn't feel any better in a few days, make sure to go to your doctor and make sure everything is ok. ok? Last time Mama got in an accident it was in Walmart and she ran into an old man with her cart, she told him she was sorry he was in her way...he left laughing ....but I don't think that would work with cars.

jen said...

remember the first year you were driving and you got in like 10 accidents?
heehee good times

marybeth said...

oh man, sorry about this. i would be sad too.

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