Wednesday, September 06, 2006

randomness eventually leads to madness

abby, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

the weekend was a good one. we spent most of our time relaxing and playing poker and being bombarded by babies. i was able to meet up with MB and Sarah at friendly's for some bad service and good conversation. we gave MB a hard time about being an evil myspace sinner and Sarah's little girl is too stinking adorable. the car was awesome. plenty of room for our bags and a couple of stops at the outlets, i even slept a bit {comfortably} on the way home yesterday. our small car still hasn't sold so we're dropping the price this week and hoping for the best.

trying some new 'origins' facial products this week while trying to expand my horizons from 'the body shop'.

in other unrelated news, my fake chia pet died because i did not pretend to water it. seriously, i was out of work for a few days and it kicked the terra cotta pot.

{poor steve irwin's family}


Sara said...

What a cutie! It was great seeing you guys, Kaitlin is completely in love with you.

tink said...

i am totally in love with her too. when i move back to CT i'll babysit and teach her bad things like her aunt marybeth.

bad aunt mb said...

hey now. i only teach her about candy and myspace.

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