Tuesday, July 25, 2006

night swimming

advice for the day: don't buy a bag of hershey special dark miniatures unless you are completely okay with eating every single one. they're SO good.

so my trip. i know you're all on the edge of your seats:
i leave thursday morning at about 4am. heading to nyc to pick up a friend from college whom i haven't seen since my wedding. 5 years ago. she's never been to new england {!!} so i'm her official guide for the weekend. thursday we're going to trek around manhattan and see some sites, maybe even the statue of liberty. i'ld love to slip the met and central park in there, but we'll see...{we have free tickets for the empire state building too}

friday we're catching a ferry from rhode island for block island {from narragansett area}. i've never been, so it'll be an experience for both of us. we might rent some mopeds or just lounge on a beach all day. then onto providence for dinner with some friends near my old high school hang-out: thayer street. it's the brown university area. we're driving to a friends near boston to crash for the night.

saturday is boston! we have a tour scheduled in the morning, then lunch, then a historic tour then quincy market...so much to see in so little time. we'll also be headed to the salem witch museum for a bit.

sunday it's onto connecticut. mystic village, seaport, some fresh lobster off the coast, then on to yale university and their art museum...busy busy. {if there's time i'm taking her to IKEA!} then monday she flies out, so we head back to nyc with a stop at greenwich on the way.

so anyway, i'm really really excited about this trip. with just the two of us it'll be so easy to just do what we want, see what we want, go where we want...and i'm looking forward to doing things i never really did when i lived there {like a duck boat tour or yale museum}. and i really like the idea of being on our own, to find our way, figure out how to get there, use the public transport systems...and get a peak at nyc again...plus, she's one of those friends that you reconnect with and it doesn't seem like time even passed. she's really looking forward to the seafood and fake rolexes.


mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

i'm being nosy so i'm asking: is this your friend with the red hair, in aall the pics?

have fun, don't forget to wear sunscreen :)

tinker said...

it's 5 in the morning and i'm leaving! have a good weekend everyone!

(mb, it IS that girl! doesn't she just look fun?)

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