Friday, July 21, 2006

friday favorites: sunsets and husbands

sunset, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

sunsets. i love them. who doesn't. who says, bah, humbug, i hate sunsets? you know how people say that if you had something ALL the time you wouldn't appreciate it as much as something that occurs every once in a while. they're wrong. i could live in an eternal sunset and never get sick of it.

my husband. five years ago today we committed ourselves to each other for the rest...of...our...lives. wow. doesn't that sound so daunting? well, it's not. these past five years have passed by so fast. we've had our hard times and our fights, but we've had more love and laughter than i could have ever asked for. it's been an amazing five years and i'm looking forward to the next five. {who knows, maybe we'll even have a kid or two.} the futures so bright, i gotta wear shades. {another friday favorite: bad 80's references}

and one more since it's been a while: old men feeding pigeons.

have a good weekend everyone.


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!

mom said...

Happy Anniversary !! I love you both. Thank you Justin for making my "sweetie" a happy woman. Hugs and Kisses to you both.

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